Automatic Rollover of deposit contract

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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #21619 by Sumukh
Hi all,

I am new to T24 and I am from functionality side one of our project requirement is in r12 the deposit contract must rollover automatically on the maturity date and only the principal amount should rollover and interest amount should be capitalized to the liquidation account. so our team has done local development for automatic rollover of deposit contract and the rollover is working fine but the problem is as per the local development contract rollover will happen on the previous working day for example if the maturity date is on 10th the rollover routine will trigger on the 9th SOD so the contract will rollover on 9th itself but the problem is rollover of the deposit has updated maturity date which intern shifted capitalization date to the new maturity date.
so is there a functional solution to address this issue or do we need to do local development for interest capitalization
thanks in advance
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