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Load Test in TAFC R08 use JMeter

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aldiyudha created the topic: Load Test in TAFC R08 use JMeter

Hi everyone,
I want to do load test in R08 with TAFC using JMeter, i use TCP Sampler and JSR223 Sampler for sending message to ofssocket.
but transaction is not success, here is response that i got in ofssocket.log

2019-08-29 14:44:17,695 DEBUG [Thread-xxx] socket.OFSConnection$TunnelerOrg (OFSConnection.java:148) - <<[recv /xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx-xxxx]<< Time Elapsed(498)[<tS
S version="1.1"><t24version>R08.002</t24version><t24pid>xxxxx</t24pid><t24ofssource>xxxx</t24ofssource><clientIP/></tSS>
2019-08-29 14:44:37,700 DEBUG [Thread-xxx] socket.OFSConnection (OFSConnection.java:43) - recv /xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx-xxx[FUNDS.TRANSFER,xxxxxx/I/PROCESS//0,xxxxxx
2019-08-29 14:44:37,700 DEBUG [Thread-xxx] socket.OFSConnection (OFSConnection.java:72) - OFSConnection [recv /xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx-xxx] is closed
2019-08-29 14:44:37,701 DEBUG [Thread-581] socket.OFSConnection$TunnelerOrg (OFSConnection.java:148) - <<ERR[recv /xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx-xxx]<< Time Elapsed(1567064677701)[Process ID xxxx , port xxxx , process killed by operator
Program source name tSS , line 282

Anyone have do load test in TAFC R08 with JMeter?

I attached TCP sampler config and JS223 sampler config that i used.

Thank you.


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