SELECT of records in range

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VK created the topic: SELECT of records in range

What is the fastest way to SELECT a set of records from a J4 table?

@IDs are in the format: (account_number)-(date_in_internal_format), e.g. 5001-18628.


SELECT THE.TABLE WITH @ID BETWEEN "5001-18628" "5001-23012"

Result is bit more than a second (Windows 2019 server, enough memory and CPUs). Maybe it can be improved?

usr: 1.11 sys: 0.00 elapsed: 0m1.11s

Usage of "GE ... LE" didn't help:

usr: 1.36 sys: 0.00 elapsed: 0m1.36s

Records number: circa 340,000.

Resizing didn't help.
Conversion to JR, as expected, made things a bit worse.

Thought about year-based distribution but haven't given it a try yet.

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